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June 2020
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Why Spy Tools Are Selling You Weak Data


Why Spy Tools Are Selling You Weak Data

The spy tool market is definitely becoming a crowded market because there are more and more needs from affiliate marketers to understand data and inform their marketing decisions.

By building a native spy tool myself, as an affiliate marketer, I had the opportunity to deeply understand how other native spy tools work, what they do well and what they lack of.

One thing that other native spy tools do wrong in my opinion is the way they get data. I’ll refer as this process as crawling. This issue can not only affect the way you use spy tools but also your campaigns.

The Issue

The issue is that these tools spy a certain website in every geo they support. This is particularly true for native traffic. Why is this an issue?
To demonstrate this issue let’s use an example.

Let’s take eurogamer.it for example.
As you can see on BuddyAd, this is a website that currently has 2 widgets on RevContent and has 94.9% Italian traffic. The website is also entirely written in Italian. It’s safe to say that the majority of the traffic for this websites comes from Italy or Italian expats in UK, France and some Italian speaking people in Switzerland (which is really close to Italy).

As you know we currently spy in 12 GEOs including Australia, United States, South Africa, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Italy, France and more. BUT, would make sense to spy on this website in South Africa for example? Of course not! But that’s actually what every other spy tool does.

If we were to spy on this site in South Africa of course the Content Delivery Network (in this case RevContent) would generate banners and campaigns that are running in South Africa, but not REALLY on this website. Of the 1M+ visits that this website has, maybe visits from South Africa would be 0.01% so the generated campaigns would not be really running on this website.

This is a very bad thing because in the end you would see banners generated in wrong GEOs as running and maybe even profitable.

That’s why we implemented a unique feature called Selective Crawling.


Selective Crawling

What selective crawling does is crawling widgets based on the countries that drive traffic the most to that website.

It’s a unique feature that will make sure that we display only solid, relevant data to you and that you can really make better campaigns as an affiliate marketer.

Of course, if you want you can still spy in other GEOs manually on every website we have, by using our RealTime feature.

Thank you,
BuddyAd Team

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