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June 2020
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Types of Widget IDs and their network references


Types of Widget IDs and their network references

At BuddyAd, we provide different information on a widget. In particular, we display two characteristics of a widget: type and network reference. Let’s see how this information can help you and your campaigns.

Widget Type

The type of a widget describes its behavior on the page.

For example on Pop, you only have two types of widgets: popups and popunders. On Adult for now we only have one type of widgets (display), but we are sure we will have more types in the future since adult traffic is mixed.

On Native the situation is a little bit more complicated. Each network has its own widget types depending on how they blend into the publishers’ content. 3 common widget types for native are:


To know how the other widget types behave on the page, please refer to the content discovery networks’ documentation or email us at support@buddyad.com

With this information you can locate your banners far more easily.

Network Reference

A reference is how the content discovery network addresses the widget ID internally. This is most likely how you will find it in your tracker as a variable.

The Complete List

This is the complete list of widget types and network references for each network we support on adult, native and pop.


Network Name Ad Types Reference
EroAdvertisingDisplayZone ID
ExoClickDisplayZone ID
JuicyAdsDisplayZone ID
PlugRushDisplayWidget ID
ReporoDisplayZone ID
TrafficFactoryDisplayBanner Type
TrafficForceDisplaySite ID
TrafficJunkyDisplaySite ID


Network Name Ad Types Reference
AdbladeRegular, ExitCID
Adnow RegularCode ID
AybollRegularWidget ID
ChameleonAdBelow Article, Below Article Maxi, In-Feed, In-Image, In-Text, In-Text-Double, Sidebar, Video-In-TextZID
ContentAdRegularWidget ID
ContentZaBelow Article Desktop,
Below Article Mobile,
Mobile Footer,
Sidebar Desktop,
Sidebar Mobile, Top Article
Client Key
EarnifyRegularWidget ID
EngageYaRegularWidget ID
DirectAdvertRegularWidget ID
GeminiRegularWidget ID
KixerRegularWidget ID
LigatusSide, SmartboxWidget ID
LinkWeLoveRegularWidget ID
MGIDRegularWidget ID
OutBrainArticlePub ID
PubExchangeBelow Content, Flex, Mobile, RailModule ID
RevcontentRegular, Exit, Flicker, Shifter, Slider, ToasterWidget ID
StrossleRegular, SidebarClient ID
TaboolaRegularPub ID
YandexRegularBlock ID + Impression ID
ZergnetRegularWidget ID


Network Name Ad Types Reference
AdMavenPopUpWidget ID
AdRunnrPopUpPlacement ID
AdsTerraPopUnderPlacement ID
ClickAduPopUnderZone ID
EroAdvertisingPopUpZone ID
JuicyAdsPopUpWidget ID
PlugRushPopUp, PopUnderZone ID
PopAds.netPopUpSite ID
Widget ID
PopMyAdsPopUpWidget ID
PropellerAdsPopUpZone ID
WWWPromoterPopUpWidget ID

The BuddyAd Team

P.S. Another information we give you on widgets is if they are active or obsolete. Check out this post to know more.
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