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June 2020
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Stop wasting money on a widget that does not work anymore


Stop wasting money on a widget that does not work anymore

A widget or site ID is a unique identifier for a particular website/placement. Ad networks use widget IDs because they don’t want affiliates to cut them out of the picture. The traffic source is the middle man, so they don’t want affiliates to know where their best performing ads are running.

For example, if your native ad was running on website.com, their widget ID might be something like web9928293. You’d never know that particular widget is website.com

With BuddyAd you have access to thousands of websites and their relative widgets IDs. We are scanning the web for more placements, as well as constantly adding more networks and geos to our platform. We also provide informations on the domain authority, social and traffic stats of different publishers so that you can make better marketing decisions.

Announcing Obsolete Widgets

We all know that affiliate marketing is a fast-changing industry. That means that not only marketers are continuosly looking for new traffic sources and better marketing tools but also publishers are constantly looking for a better payout on their traffic, a better way to implement ads into their content, etc.

This means that publishers are switching content discovery networks a lot, every day. So, if website.com today has a widget on MGID, tomorrow it can implement another one on a different network or replace it with a widget on, say, RevContent.

From today we are proud to announce that we are keeping track of every widget ID that a websites has ever used. Not only that, we are going to tell you if a widget is active or not so that you don’t waste money on a widget that doesn’t work anymore. We are calling widgets that are not active, obsolete widgets.

How this affects crawling?

We are not crawling obsolete widgets in the back-end. Even in our web app you will not be able to spy on obsolete widgets manually. We are only spying on active widgets. At BuddyAd we want you to make marketing decisions based on solid data: we don’t want fake banners coming from obsolete widgets to infect our data.

Coming in the future: Trends

In the long run, we are super excited to give you insights on where the industry is going. We are monitoring an increasing number of websites and widgets every day. Now that we are integrating obsolete widgets we know exactly how many publishers are switching to a particular network. That means that we can display trends with information addressing questions like: what’s the top content discovery networks that is gaining more publishers, what’s the content discovery network with more health-related publishers, what’s the content discovery network that has more website in Italy, and more.

After that, we will be able to build prediction models so that you can be always ahead of the competition.

The BuddyAd Team

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