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April 2020
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Coca Cola vs Pepsi: How and Where They Advertise on Native


With this post we would like to start a series of blog posts that will analyze the data we collect for different campaigns, both affiliate or branded, aiming to understand how, where and why certain content performs better than other.

We believe these reports will be useful not only to affiliates, but also brand managers and marketing agencies.

Today we start the series with this report about two huge brands, Coca Cola and Pepsi.



The company is mainly focusing on promoting their activities in sports and social, but also promoting its new beverage, Lemon Lemon.

Coca Cola

The company is involved in communicating its activities, including its initiative in the social and sports.

In addition to this, Coca Cola has a different style of advertising where the company runs ads that are seemingly not related to the company itself. Like these:









At first sight, you would not tell that the ads above are from Coca Cola, but they all point to one of the different company domains like: coca-colacompany.com, coca-cola-france.fr, coca-cola-deutschland.de or coca-colaitalia.it

Where (Market Share)


Pepsi is mainly using Outbrain to advertise in US and UK. Not surprisingly it focuses the majority of its marketing efforts on mobile.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola is mainly advertising on Outbrain (US, DE, FR, IT), Taboola (US), Ligatus (for DE and FR). As for devices, Coca Cola is advertising more evenly on all devices as shown by the graph below:

How (Reactions and Sentiment Analysis)

In this section, we analyzed ads who mentioned Coca Cola or Pepsi that were not created by the companies.


For Pepsi, the overall sentiment was positive with mainly contrasting emotions of joy and disgust/anger. Pepsi worked above all on mitigating the ad controversy involving Kendall Jenner.

Here are some of the headlines we analyzed:

Coca Cola

For Coca Cola, the overall sentiment was positive.

These are some of the headlines we analyzed:


From what we know, it seems that Coca Cola put a lot more into its native advertising efforts. The number of ad units created by the company that we detected are far more than Pepsi’s. It also seems that Coca Cola is doing a good job on spreading the message in Europe, too while Pepsi is mainly advertising in US. The majority of native traffic today is mobile, so both companies are advertising evenly on phones and tablets.

The BuddyAd Team

Last updated: July 18th, 2017

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