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June 2020
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3 Unique Features That Differentiate BuddyAd


3 Unique Features That Differentiate BuddyAd
As you know BuddyAd is mainly a spy tool, but that’s not all!
Here are three unique features that differentiate ourselves and that you won’t find anywhere else.


BuddyAd is the only widget-based native spy tool. It has everything you would want from any other spy tool on the market: you can research adverts, websites, download landing page and more.

We built BuddyAd around Widget IDs. For Native, you can access our database of adverts and discover exactly the widget IDs where they run. You can also use our Widget ID Finder on Native, Adult and Pop to scan any placement and get the relative widget/side ID.

What’s a Widget ID?

Charles NGO put it this way in his beginner’s guide to native advertising:

"The widget ID is a unique identifier for each widget on every website. For example, if your ad was on CNN, their widget ID might be something like wild99285503. [..]

The native ad sources do this because they don’t want you to cut them out of the picture. The traffic source is the middle man, so they don’t want you knowing where your best performing ads are running. The widget IDs are randomly assigned strings of numbers and letters, and you can only block or allow them. Just like mobile, you can bid different amounts per widget ID."

— Charles NGO

BuddyAd is the only tool that can match a widget or site ID with the relative publisher IF it is on our db. If you know a publisher url, then you can scan it using our Add Publisher feature which is 100x times faster and better than do it manually.

We are also constantly scanning the web for more placements, as well as constantly adding more networks and geos to our platform.


Not sure that your native campaign is properly running? Monitor your campaign and check if your banners are running on a particular website or widget ID (if we have it on our database) using our Real Time Scan.

We provide you an insights of what’s running on a particular website in that moment in a country and geo of your choosing. This is only currently active for the native version of the tool, but pop and adult version are coming soon.


Content Recommendation Networks display your ads on thousands of websites. BuddyAd lets you discover premium placements with great quality of traffic so that you can avoid having your ads running on shitty websites.

You can research websites by vertical, network and filter them by traffic, seo, social and domain stats. For each website we collect data points like:

  1. Monthly Visitors
  2. Alexa Rank
  3. Domain Authority
  4. Bounce Rate
  5. Backlinks
  6. Social Shares
  7. Traffic by Geo
  8. Average Visit Lenght
  9. Page per Visit
  10. SpamCheck
  11. and more!

As a bonus, we are already working on adding the ability to research info on any publisher we spy on including email (already tested for deliverability), name, location, and more.

These are the top 3 things that differentiate BuddyAds from the competitors and that we really hope can help you in the long run.

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