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April 2020
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The #1 Data Point You Need To Check When Whitelisting Your Native Campaign


The #1 Data Point You Need To Check When Whitelisting Your Native Campaign

Here is why and how to use BuddyAd to create a profitable native campaign on networks that support whitelisting (RevContent, ContentAd, etc).

If you want to create a whitelist campaign the first thing I would do if you don’t have a profitable banner, angle or creativity is research banners.

Use keywords and filter to navigate and click on the banners that grab your attention.
After you click on a banner, you will be in the banner detail page.

It will look like this:

As you can see, we saw this banner on LOTS of publishers. The next thing I would do is click on each one and check if:

  1. The publisher is in-target with my offer. This is health-related so let’s make sure I run this on relevant websites.
  2. Look at metrics like monthly visitors. This is straight forward: I want people to see my banner =)

The next thing is the most important.

Look at the Traffic By Geo section. I can’t stress this enough.
If the banner/offer is US-based then you should only try to get the widgets of websites that receive US traffic. This is simple but often overlooked.

For example our banner is a banner written in English and the offer is US. So placements like this are good:

Placements like this are not good:

Use this advice and grab widget IDs accordingly.
I hope this helps you in your marketing campaigns.

BuddyAd Team

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