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Widget IDs on Adult, Pop and Native Traffic

BuddyAd is the only tool that can match a widget or site ID with the relative publisher IF it is on our db. We are constantly scanning the web for more placements, as well as constantly adding more networks and geos to our platform.

  • For Native, access our database of adverts and discover exactly the widget IDs where they run.

  • Use our Widget ID Finder on Native, Adult and Pop to scan any placement and get the relative widget/side ID.

Get rid of bad placements.

Content Recommendation Networks display your ads on thousands of websites. BuddyAd lets you discover premium placements with great quality of traffic so that you can avoid having your ads running on poor websites.

  • Research websites by vertical, network and filter them by traffic, seo, social and domain stats. For each website we collect: Monthly Visitors, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Bounce Rate, Backlinks, Social Shares, Traffic by Geo, Average Visit Lenght, Page per Visit, SpamCheck and more!

  • Discover the Widget/Site IDs of 1000s of websites and whitelist your campaigns.
  • Coming soon: Research info on any publisher we spy on including email (already tested for deliverability), name, location, and more.

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FAQ These FAQ will answer your questions, and cover following topics

Widget IDs

What Widget IDs are and what kind of Widget/Site IDs we provide.

Why you should care

BuddyAd will be a perfect companion to your spy tool to make sure that your campaign is running and to unveil profitale placements. We are also developing an internal widget-based spy tool.

Our numbers

We have more than 50k websites currently in our database unveiling more than 180k widgets, AND we are always crawling the web for new placements. Additionally, we detect over 150k banners per day on native. That's a lot more than the industry average.

Got more questions?

There’s no competition. We are the only tool that can match a widget or site ID with the relative publisher IF it is on our db. We are constantly scanning the web for more placements, as well as constantly adding more networks and geos to our platform. We also provide informations on the domain authority, social and traffic stats on different publishers so that you can make better marketing decisions.

We are the only spy tool that provides real time scan of native publishers, providing you an insights of what’s running on a particular website in that moment in a country and geo of your choosing.

We recommend to use BuddyAd in combo with a third-party spy tool. We are also developing an internal spy tool, but right now this is only available for native traffic.

Read more about our unique features in this post on our blog: 3 unique features that differentiate BuddyAd

A widget or site ID is a unique identifier for a particular website/placement. Ad networks use widget IDs because they don’t want affiliates like you to cut them out of the picture. The traffic source is the middle man, so they don’t want affiliates to know where your best performing ads are running.

For example, if your native ad was on website.com, their widget ID might be something like web9928293. You’d never know that particular widget is website.com

With BuddyAd you have access to thousands of websites and their relative widgets IDs. A similar concept applies for pop and adult traffic.

Glad you asked! Here is a blog post explaining the different types of widget we provide on pop, native and adult: https://buddyad.com/blog/types-widget-ids-network-references/

We are affiliates like you: the most annoying thing we've noticed is finding a widget ID that belongs to a page... maybe you get there manually, and the ID has been altered in some way.

That's why we introduced obsolete widgets. We basically crawl each website multiple times per day and we mark widgets that are not 'working' anymore. We do this not only for native but also for pop and adult where publishers switch networks a lot more.

Then, to give you solid data to based your marketing decision on, we only crawl widgets that are active.

Learn more about obsolete widgets in this blog post: https://buddyad.com/blog/stop-wasting-money-widget-not-work-anymore

On the native, pop and adult version you can scan a publisher (website) and see the relative widget/site IDs. You can also browse different widget IDs we already have on our database, and get the relative publishers.

In addition, on the native version of the tool you can make sure that your campaign is running by using the real time scan feature of the tool. You can also see thousands of banners and landings we collected over time.

AdBlade, AdNow, Ayboll, ChameleonAd, ContentAd, EngageYa, Gemini, Ligatus, MGID, OutBrain, RevContent, Taboola, Zergnet.

AdMaven, AdRunnr, AdsTerra, ClickAdu, EroAdvertising, JuicyAds, PlugRush, PopAds, PopCash, PopMyAds, PropellerAds, WWWPromoter.

EroAdvertising, Exoclick, JuicyAds, PlugRush, Reporo, TrafficForce, TrafficFactory, TrafficHunt, TrafficJunky.

We currently support 14 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, USA, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa. More coming.

Yes, we spy on desktop and mobile. Our spy tool is only available for the native version of the tool right now. We have widget IDs in our db for native, pop and adult traffic, too.

If you don't know what native ads are, you're behind. We decide to takle native advertising first because content discovery works like content, but delivers results like advertising. With billions of impressions every month and click-through-rates massively out performing traditional banner ads, content discovery can deliver scalable campaigns with positive ROI.

Here are some facts on native:

  • People view native ads 53% more than banner ads.
  • Click-through-rates are much higher with campaigns reaching +8%
  • Purchase intent is 53% higher with native ads.
  • 32% of consumers said they would share a native ad with friends & family.
  • Pop and adult internal spy tools are coming soon.

    We are proud to say we detect over 150k banners per day on native. This is far more than the industry average.

    No, at the moment Buddyad is a private tool, used only by big corporations.

    Instantly uncover where and how other affiliates are advertising.